I’m working out monotypes for an upcoming exhibition in March this year.
The monotype is a very interesting technique with a long tradition. In fact it was invented by the Genoese artist Giovanni Castiglione around 1640. He thought of covering with paint a sheet of metal, the kind of material he used for etchings and creating drawings by partially removing the ink. He then transferred the image to paper by mean of an etching press.

Many artists have developped and perfectioned the technique of the monotype, Matisse, Picasso, William Blake or Degas, among others. In my case I am using glass, perpex or polycarbonate and Arches Velin paper for etching of 160 or 250 gr. I use Charbonel or Schmincke water soluble inks.

Depending on the subject, I work a single layer of different colors, or two or three layers, reserving areas in each new layer. The result can be seen in the example that illustrates this entry.
The exhibition is scheduled for March 27 and it will focus on climate change, its effect on water, and the damage that humans cause to this very fundamental environment in nature.