01/01/1970 - Shaped by the Wind
01/31/2012 - Winter-Spring Programme
05/11/2012 - ANF 20th Anniversary Jubilee exhibit
06/06/2016 - Shaped by the Wind

Winter-Spring Programme

Exhibits and other events

The project for the conservation of the Hula Valley, undertaken by the Artists for Nature Foundation(ANF) and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI) in 2008, resulted in a large collection of artworks, many of which illustrate the book Drawing Inspiration from the Hula Valley (SPNI Pub) and are included in a traveling exhibition. Comming venues:
Until Feb. 29
Ort Braude College Gallery, in Carmiel. Israel
March 3 to May 30
Mada Tech (National Museum of Science), Haifa.